Men’s Compression Running Tights What You Should Know Before Buying

sfCompression tights for running are called compression for a reason. It is because they are made from fabrics that hold tight to the skin along the legs offering increased circulation and extra support around the legs. When there is increased circulation, it becomes easier for the runners to cover long distances because there is decreased energy expenditure even with the prolonged speeds. They also offer resistance by reducing the drag experienced when wearing running gear that has more fabric.

The tights are also used for recovery purposes. They minimize inflammation and soreness of the muscles and hence faster recoveries are achieved after a run. Other advantages of wearing the running tights are that they offer warmth and at the same time keep sweating at minimal levels. There are huge varieties of men’s compression running tights in the market today and knowing a few things about your options can help you in making the right choice for your next run.

Tight materials

Men’s running tights are made from different materials most of which are blended to make the stretch for the perfect fit and still maintain their original shapes when removed. The most common materials you will find with the compression recovery tights include the following;

Cotton – Running tights made from cotton tend to be more comfortable and lightweight but they don’t last as long.

Synthetics – The most common fabrics under this category are Lycra, polyester and spandex and they offer maximum compression. The material is also strong and easy to care for but they might not be a very good choice for people or runners who have sensitive skin. Prolonged periods can cause skin irritation for such individuals.

Blends – Compression tights for running made from material blends offer good characteristics such as breathability and moisture wicking which are great for running. The material combination you get will determine the experience that you get when wearing the tights.

Wool – It is a material that makes men’s running tights that are extremely warm. The material does not itch like pure synthetics do.

Tight designs

Compression tights for men are just as stylish as those designed for women. You can actually manage to make that fashion statement by choosing a style that is functional and comfortable, but at the same time reflects your personality. When looking at the style or designs, few elements play a role.

Colors – Black seems to be the standard color for many, but the tights are available in lighter tones that can increase visibility. If you are daring enough for bright colors, then you can choose neon colors and other bright colors or tights that have colorful reflexive strips. Remember that color can improve your safety, especially when running late in the evenings or very early in the morning.

Toe length and type – Most tights end at the ankle level, but you can also find tights that have an elastic strap going around the foot, hooking under the arch so they do not ride up when running. A few of the tights are full footed giving you the freedom to choose the type and length you feel is most suitable.